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A picture might not really be worth quite a thousand words, but they can be invaluable when creating an impression.

When and how should you make use of pictures and visual representations to best effect? Our team lists 3 simple examples for you to try

Tactic 1: Use a simple graphic or graphics to convey meaning without text.

Example: Slide 2 of your presentation can be a picture of a persons hand holding an iPhone. We can all relate to that.

Holding a phone at work

Why It Works: Pictures are often more effective than words. We’ve all heard the cliché I’ve paraphrased above. In presentations, pictures can help you create a connection with your audience! Rather than telling them everything word for word, you’re giving them the opportunity to interpret. This builds trust.

Tactic 2: Use icons to provide a simple visual of statistics you’re comparing rather than spieling them out.

Example: Slide 18 uses people icons to emphasise the difference between 25 out of 100 people compared to 88 out of 100.





Why It Works: Humans process visual cues 60,000 times faster than text!

Tactic 3: Include statistics that tie real success to the benefits you’re mentioning in your pitch.

Example: “40% rise in customer retention”.

40 percent increase

Why It Works: Precise and provable details establish trust in both you and your product or service.

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