Approaches & Tools – Sales Presentation Consultancy


The tools and approaches we use depend on the nature of your business, and the outcomes that you want to achieve. In each case, we will spend time working with you to get to know your organisation before developing a plan.


Consulting is where we have conversations with you and listen so we are able to understand, diagnose and recommend.

Example. A technical sales team who were struggling to understand why their messages were not landing with their non-technical customers. Firstly we observed the presentations, then we helped the team to research their non-technical customer’s world where we understood that the messages needed to change (procurement and sales didn’t care about how it worked), next we helped them to craft messages that resonated with each type of stakeholder and created stories and visuals to reinforce the whole story.


Either one to one or as a team we help you improve your confidence, capability and control through providing structure, practice sessions and feedback.

Example. An International sales team wanted to improve the impact of the their face to face sales conversations and then to be able to win more pitches (poor conversion rate). We created a common sense structure for face to face selling and presenting based on ‘what good looks like’ for them, created and ran practical workshops and a simulated sales environment that enabled the whole team to practice, share ideas and for the management team to provide feedback and coaching to their people.


In a one to one environment one of our expert and accredited coaches help you to work through key challenges you want to overcome and opportunities you want to create.

Example: The MD of a financial organisation wanted to improve her personal impact in front of the Executive Board (she’d heard she was too quiet, soft and didn’t get to the point). The coach facilitated feedback from the board and over a series of sessions helped the MD to grow in confidence as well as helping her to improve the impact of her content when she spoke, the way she used her voice to add gravitas and her body language to add credibility.


Where you need a professional, external facilitator to help you and your team to achieve a specific objective in a specified time

Example: The Sales and Marketing Director of an FMCG organisation wanted the senior team to work towards creating a compelling story and presentation for a new product, that the marketing team could support the field sales team to deliver to customers. We facilitated a one day session, guiding them and keeping them on track. By the end of the day the whole team were confident they had a strong story to take to their existing and customer base. Next stage, the sales presentation! (We helped with that as well).

Remote Presentation Coaching

Where you want immediate feedback and input on an important presentation you need to make. Send us the presentation material and ideally a video of you practicing the presentation. We review it, talk to you via Skype and provide feedback and recommendations on how to improve both the visual and personal presentation.

Example: A team of international business school executives needed to make sure their final business proposal presentation was going to hit the mark. We received the presentation and first run through via Dropbox, reviewed both and suggested changes to the visuals they used (too many bullet points and too much content with lack of focus on a single key message), and the structure of the story as well as individual feedback to each presenter.